Well Fracking In Connecticut

Fracking In ConnecticutFracking in Connecticut is just as much a controversial topic as anywhere else. In accordance with the Connecticut Comprehensive Energy Strategy, horizontal drilling and the associated hydraulic fracking of such wells will be an important step in ensuring low cost shale gas in Connecticut.

  • Connecticut natural gas infrastructure is concentrated in areas with high population density, such as the central part of the state and along the coast.
  • This recent development presents Connecticut residents and business owners with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to switch to a cheaper, cleaner fuel source, and as a result, lower their energy bills while decreasing the level of harmful air pollution and breaking free of the price spikes that dependence on oil results in since so much of it is imported from unstable regions of the world. This Draft Strategy seeks to offer Connecticut residents and businesses ”gas choice”, the opportunity to take advantage of this lower cost and cleaner burning fuel.
  • Some sectors of Connecticut’s economy have already begun to shift to gas. Since 2009, natural gas consumption in Connecticut has increased by 24%, mostly attributable to increased use for electric generation. Electricity generation rates are coming down as a result of this switch to a cheaper fuel source.167 Many industrial firms that require a lot of energy to power manufacturing processes have also made the switch to natural gas. These two sectors now account for more than half of Connecticut’s natural gas consumption.