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Alabama fracking is not quite as controversial as it is among other parts of the US such as New York although there are still some concerns from some. Here are the major oil and gas plays which affect fracking in Alabama.

Fracking in Alabama is associated with crude oil and natural gas production as an enhanced recovery option. Often times, this fracking process can dramatically increase hydrocarbon production through greater initial volumes of oil and gas produced. Many times, investors who consider the vi

ability of an investment project will take into account any enhanced oil recovery techniques such as hydraulic (slickwater) fracking to give a greater return on investment. An overview on energy investments in Alabama can be found at www.investmentsinenergy.com/energy-investments-in-alabama which will include a map of some oil and gas developmental areas in Alabama. Additionally, the map will show the likelihood of fracking in Alabama.


Reservoirs undergoing fracking in alabama

Fracking in Alabama

Conesauga Shale

  • Wells are currently being drilled to produce gas from the Cambrian Conasauga shale near northern Alabama.
  • Activity is located at St. Clair, Etowah, and Cullman counties.

Floyd Shale

  • The Floyd Shale of Mississippian age is a current gas exploration target around the Black Warrior Basin of northern Alabama and Mississippi.

Public lands

  • On June 14, 2012, the U.S.¬†Bureau of Land Management¬†will auction off oil and gas excavation rights to 43,000 acres of Talladega National Forest of Alabama. If the auction winners determine the land beneath the virgin forests contains petroleum or gas, the likely method of extracting it will be hydraulic fracturing.